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10 Myths About Graphic Design

by Dev Ju

Graphic design service has evolved over the years and is still an evolving art. Although the evolution of design has come a long way, there are some graphic design misconceptions that different non-designers and designers still believe to date. Below, we debunk ten of these myths.

1.Graphic design is all about the logo

Logos are vital design pieces for any brand. They are the emblem of your company that people identify the values of your brand with. However, graphic design is not only about making logos. It is an art that involves the creation of visual content to relay a message.

2.Graphic designers over-charge

If anything, the reverse might be the case for most designers. Most people do not see the prolonged period it requires to produce a decent design. They rarely, if ever they know the number of times a designer has to revise and redo designs before it hits the market. This misconception is often a result of #2.

3.You need fancy tools for graphic design

Most expert graphic designers utilize complex programs and tablets with a stylus for freehand designing elements. Although these tools offer the designers the freedom to express their ideas, they can be quite costly and might take years to master. However, the truth is that the average person does not need to invest in these expensive resources to create designs.

4.It is an easy job

It is just as easy as any occupation- if it’s not, you won’t make money out of it. Graphic design is not rocket science, but it is definitely a job that will make you lose plenty of sleep. It is not just about laying out stuff; you are solving a problem, and enormous work lies in the ability to understand the things that need to be done to accomplish that.

5. The internet is all you need

Although online resources may come in handy in several situations, there are no substitutes for hard-copy books, poster paints, rulers, bar napkins, and other items necessary for sketching out ideas for many, if not most, designs.

6. All you need is a degree

Although degrees are useful, they are significantly less important than a built portfolio and experience. However, that doesn’t imply that earning a degree has no benefit. Attending an excellent graphic design school exposes you to how the system works in contrast to the regular day-to-day design tasks that anyone with a pirated adobe creative suite can undertake.

7. Graphic design is all about fonts

While typography is an essential element in a design, it is necessary to consider other factors images, shapes, lines, framing, the white space, and their interplay with texts. All these things must synchronize to create a breathtaking design.

8. There are no rules

Absolutely untrue! Artists might have no rules, but a set of regulations constrains designers. To begin with, there is no design without a specific problem. Furthermore, any excellent creative Brief is a set of rules and parameters that a designer must follow.

9. Self-employment is easy

It is never easy, irrespective of the field.

10. Freelancing is the best method of earning a living

This fact is definitely not true for several successful designers that have been successful as parts of an agency or as in-house employees.

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