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5 Card Stock Alternatives for Outstanding Invitation Cards

by Apple Holden

Card stock is just as important as the design for an invitation card printing in Singapore

With a great card stock, even a simple design can be made impressive. On the other hand, without a proper card stock, even an extravagant design won’t be able to come off as great as it should be. 

So, if you want to make an invitation card that leaves an impression, it is absolutely important to consider the kind of card stock that you use. 

Here are some of the best beautiful card stocks that you can consider for your invitation card printing. 

1. Felt Card Stock 

The felt card stock is the perfect option if you prefer to have an invitation card that is thick and more durable.  

However, don’t worry. Even if you are planning to print it with your home printer, you can still process the felt card stock with it despite the thickness. 

2. Parchment Card Stock 

The parchment card stock is the option that you should go for if you want a semi-translucent paper with a marbled look. This type of card stock is soft and subtle since it is not thick. You can layer parchment card stock with vellum or cotton card stock to add more depth for your invitation card. 

Since it gives off an elegant look and feel, this one is great for wedding invitation card 

3. Canvas Card Stock 

Canvas card stock is another type of card stock that you can choose if you want a thicker card stock although it is not as thick as the felt card stock. 

The canvas card stock has a textured look that is very noticeable compared to other types of card stocks. 

Since it is not thick, it can also go through home printers just fine, so you don’t need to worry. 

4. Linen Card Stock 

If you want a card stock that has a delicate texture, the linen card can be your choice because it looks like a woven linen with a matte look that makes it feel graceful and elegant. 

There are many color options that you can choose with this paper or card stock alternative. 

5. Cotton Card Stock 

The cotton card stock is one of the most popular types of card stock that is often chosen by a lot of people since it is smooth and highly absorbent, making it one of the best options for invitation card printing using laser printers. With the cotton card stock, you can have a durable invitation card with elegant appearance. The cotton card stock usually comes in the color grey, ivory, and white, which is quite limited so you should make sure that the design and embellishment can make up for it. 

Don’t forget to browse through your card stock alternatives before you make your decision just by looking at one type that looks great. Plan it well, including the type of printing style as well as finishes that suit the type of card stock so that you can get a great looking invitation card for your guests. 

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