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5 Tips for Printing a Perfect Business Flyer

by Apple Holden

Designing your own flyer can save you the cost of hiring a professional graphic designer. Moreover, it can be rewarding and fun. Even so, you can’t do it absentmindedly. There are important considerations that need to be made when it comes to designing a flyer so that it can be effective once it is distributed. Not only the designing step, but the printing process is also important in determining the final quality of the flyer. Here are ten tips that can help you create the perfect flyer.

1. Set a Clear Goal

Before you actually start designing, think of what you try to showcase to the users, where the flyer will be distributed, and how much funds do you have for the flyer printing production. Answer these questions to figure out the appropriate shape and size for your flyer as well as the design and quantity. Setting a clear goal for your flyer helps you create a suitable distribution strategy so that you can truly reach your target audience. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that you can fit everything in. Your promotion with a flyer must be targeted and you have to make up strategic decisions regarding the key content. The elements that are included in the design of your flyer must be correlated to the goals of the design and target audience.

2. High Contrast

Raise the level of contrast of your flyer design so that it can be easily seen. Flyers with high contrast are more attractive and it can grab attention easier. Compared to a dark flyer, high contrast design can be easily seen from a distance which is really great to enhance the reach of your flyer when it is put somewhere.

3. Headline and Keyword

Make a flyer sell better and look more interesting by making sure that you can put emphasis on certain keywords or phrases by making it bigger, bolder, and brighter than other elements in the flyer. This is usually done with the headline of the flyer. Try to include words like new, free, easy, now, guarantee, limited, and save in the headline of your flyer to attract your target audience better.

4. Include Call To Action Statement

A call to action statement can make a big difference for your flyer. You have to include a call to action sentence that gives people information and the little push needed for them to take action after they read your flyer. For example, tell them to call you, buy your product now, or other sentences along the line.

5. Full Bleed Flyer

Full bleed flyer design looks and feels more polished. A borderless look tends to stand out more, however, it usually costs more too. If you can’t afford to print your flyers in full bleed, you don’t have to force it. Adjust the printing process that you can afford and plan out your flyer printing early on so that you can match the kind of look and quality you want and the budgets to achieve your goals.

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