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A brief history of graphic design. What was it like in the past?

by Dev Ju

Having history proof and components from 15,000 BC we can agree that some of the first graphic designs in Europe are real monuments and will have value for ages to come.

Symbols in caves, the Blau Monument and others are just some of the first acknowledged graphic designs in history and they have impacted hundreds of generations until today.

Yes, these fragments that are frozen in time are different from what we call today graphic design but they are proof that people needed to express some sort of message into stones, walls and leather in a sense of efficient visual communication.

Talking again of ancient design and history, about 105 AD – 1500 AD is marking the invention of paper, which by any means is the foundation of printing.

A whole millennium later different drawing and characters were made possible to be put for printing. Here’s another milestone in achieving the success along the road to graphic design as we know it today.

Some of the first illustrations in a printed book date back to somewhere between 1450 and 1460.

The Industrial Revolution in 1760-1800 hit hard and pushed new boundaries for graphic design. Lithography has beenlaunched. Machines started doing all the work which before was done only on hand and finally in 1800 the world has welcomed the first printing press. This is a monumental moment in time.

By the start of 1900, Frank Wright released “ The Art and Craft of The Machine”  that has a lot of principles and information valuable to this day.

Colour printing, advertising, the production of products and services doubled, even tripled in the following years, so people were wondering how to sell better, faster and people to be satisfied.

Companies started creating marketing campaigns, colourful posters, banners and billboards to change the whole mindset of consumers. They succeeded in that big time.

Finally, by the start of 1990, a company named Adobe, we all know of it today, created Photoshop. It revolutionized graphic design on everything as we know it today. We witness some of the finest graphics, designs, posters, pictures and photography through the incredible software and it only getting better with every next launch.

People are studying it for years, so they can become specialists in Photoshop and start a high-paid job in a digital agency or a magazine, so they can revisit and remodel all types of designs with this amazing software.

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