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Design Proper Business Name Cards With These Tips

by Dev Ju

Name card is very important especially for the exchange of contact information. Even in this technology that makes everyone relies on gadgets for almost everything, a name card is still considered important and even large companies also still use it.

Designing a good design and later send it to a name card printing shop is important so that it can work properly and effectively.

  1. Information

Before anything else, think of what information that you wish to be displayed on the name card. Remember that you shouldn’t put in too much information as it will only make the design of the name card look cluttered. Dismiss information that are less important than the other and only include ones that can truly be beneficial for the recipient of the name card. Commonly, the important information on a name card are name, job title or position in the company, phone number, e-mail address, and company website or social media handle. As you can see, office number and address can be dismissed because they might already be on the website or social media page.

  1. Layout

Try to come up with the layout that accommodates all information that is to be displayed on the name card. Ideally, a name card should be not too cramped but not too loose as well. The information is better to be concentrated in the middle as it will be less of a strain for the reader’s eyes and it will look better than a layout with scattered positioning. In making a layout for a name card, it is better to leave bits of empty spaces around the elements so that people can jot down any extra information. But more than that, leaving this empty space can make your layout design look less crowded and more pleasant.

  1. Card Stock and Dimension

There are a lot of types of card stock that are available to choose from, and they also vary in size. Before you actually start designing your name card, you should first know the dimension of the name card you want to make according to the available card stock. That way, you can design more accurately. Not only that card stock varies in size, it also varies in weight. The heavier it is, the thicker it is. Thicker card stocks tend to create a more elegant and premium look. You should definitely make a decision regarding the type of card stock that suits you best depending on what kind of image or impression you want to exude toward the recipient of your card.

  1. Print Professionally

People make mistakes by trying to print on their own in order to save money. However, their home or office printers sometimes aren’t exactly suitable for a large number of printing and to handle the type of card stock they choose. As a result, they produce low quality name cards that look bad. The mindset of DIY printing for lower cost is actually quite inaccurate, as printing with a reputable printing shop results in a more cost effective expenditure while getting higher quality products.

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