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Elements Of Graphics Design

by Apple Holden


A good designer is one who can produce beautiful designs to the delight of the audience. A good design is a design capable of bringing out the emotion of the audience; it should be able to connect the observer to the message in which the designer is trying to convey. Most graphic designers carry out their graphic design service for their customers when they are inspired by different activities that happen around them but most importantly, knowing the basic elements of design is the most important stage to producing an excellent design. These elements of designs will help the designer to create that perfect and unique design.



Lines used when carrying out a design might be thin, smooth, fragmented, and uneven. Lines are the start point for most designs. It doesn’t matter whether the designer is trying to make a sketch or carry out a painting; it all begins with a simple line. The different types of lines include vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, curved line, and zigzag line. Lines used in designs can be joined together at different angles to form a particular shape or form.


Colour aid to brighten the mood of the design helps to make it more attractive to the viewers’ eyes. Colors help to bring out the emotions in people; different types of colors have different meanings. Therefore, the designer needs to know the right set of colors to use in a particular setting. When carrying out a design for a particular brand, it is important to have a deep insight into what information the brand is trying to pass to the public; this way, it will be easier for the design to know the right color combination.


The shape is another important element of design, and it can come in various categories we have a circle, triangle, rectangle, square, and so on. When used appropriately, these different shapes can greatly add to the beauty of the design. It has become so easy for designers today to generate different types of shapes, and this has been made possible using different computer software that is programmed to create different types of shapes. The use of these different shapes helps to add style and beauty to the design.


Texture can be described as the surface quality of the design, and it also tends to mean how the design feels or looks when the audience visualizes the design.


Typography is an essential element of design; it is described as the design’s style or appearance. Typography has a lot to do with the fonts used in the design, the symbols, and word impressions in the design. It is important to arrange the word that is contained in a design in an orderly manner. This is to ensure the audience can have a proper understanding of the message that is being passed.

These elements serve as a guide to designers to enable them to produce excellent designs.

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