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Is It Hard to Find Halal Food in Australia?

by Dev Ju

For Muslims, seeking halal food while visiting a region is an important factor. Traveling abroad for a short time, many Muslims bring food stocks from home so they can satisfy their appetites and feel safe because they are guaranteed to be halal.

In Sydney, New South Wales, if you are in a tourist area or city center, it is actually quite easy to find halal food. Lots of Indonesian and Malay specialties, or even Middle Eastern food that is halal.

Halal Restaurants in Australia

You can try the Chinese and Malaysian Food restaurant Neptune Palace at the Gateway Building, Sydney which is certified halal by The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC).

You can order rendang, roti canai, fried noodles, and fried crab. Mandarin duck pancakes can be enjoyed for AUD32.80 as an appetizer. Sliced ​​duck meat combined with hoisin sauce is so familiar to Asian tongues.

On the main menu, for matters of taste, Indonesian rendang is still much more delicious. At Neptune Palace, rendang costs AUD 25.80, with a memorable taste and flavor thanks to the added spices.

In addition, you can also visit Zahli Restaurant, a Lebanese restaurant that is also halal in the Elizabeth Street area. At this place, you can order Tabouli, a salad filled with mint leaves, parsley, oats, onions smothered in olive oil and lemon juice which cost 17 AUD. There’s also the grilled baby octopus that costs AUD25.

There is also Mansaf Chicken, a type of Kabuli rice sprinkled with cashews and shredded chicken at a price of AUD27. Shawarma Lamb, which consists of shredded lamb eaten with bread, can be enjoyed at a price of AUD29.

How to Identify The Halal Products

In addition to the certification of halal for products and restaurants issued by the Australia Halal Certification body, and the other halal-foods websites that can provide you with the data on halal-certified supermarket and restaurant products throughout Australia, there are global codes Halal statuses. listed on the product on supermarket shelves.

Is It Hard to Find Halal Foods in Australia?

Finding halal food in Australia is not as difficult as imagined. Although not a Muslim-majority country, halal food is easy to find.

One of the travel bloggers who recently returned from Australia, Marischka Prudence, confirmed this. This woman who once worked as a journalist had the opportunity to visit Kangaroo Country with the cooperation of the Australian Embassy.

She said, there are many Asian restaurants in Australia. Especially in the two cities she visited, Brisbane and Perth.

If you are still unsure whether the Asian restaurant serves halal food or not, there is no need to worry. Just ask and the waiter will give a friendly answer.

Apart from asking, there are other ways to find out where halal food is available. This method is to diligently search for information in cyberspace.

Apart from ensuring that it is easy to find halal food, Marischka said the trip to Australia was very memorable. Because the natural scenery there is so amazing, and everything was new to her.

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