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Tips for making wall papers

by Robert Johnson

Making wallpapers involves certain techniques. There are certain tips for making wallpapers and that is what this article will tell you. You can use the wallpapers on social media to enlighten your audience on your products.

Wallpapers are meant to reflect the feel and look of your brand. You can use a wallpaper to inform people about your brand by making it relevant enough to reflect on your identity. 

  • When making wallpapers, do not confuse your audience by making your wallpapers too complex for them.
  • Understand your audience. Understanding your audience is crucial for using the wallpaper application. What type of people are mostly likely to use the brand of your wallpaper? What do they like about your brand? Would they prefer a branded image that is more flashy or otherwise?

Sharing wallpapers with your audience

You can use mobile wallpapers for building trust and increasing engagement among your audience. Proactive engagements will improve your brand. Ensure that your mobile wallpapers improve sentiment, instead of decreasing.

Be simple with the wallpapers

It is a nice idea to walk the followers across the wallpaper with simplicity. Make it flow with your audience by being simple. Add instructions that will enable them to flow with your wallpaper.

Be subtle with it

Use images that is relevant to your brand, but don’t be too corporate or over-branded.

Reuse photos that are aesthetic

You can use sometimes apply photo shoots for getting images that are wallpaper -friendly.

Share mobile wallpapers after a major event

Share wallpapers that show events like announcements or product launches. You can add a wallpaper for each week on a particular day, till the main day and let your audience have something to engage them. 

Enhance various networks

You can tap from various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter audiences  by sharing links and announcements.

Perform temperature checks

You can ask your audience the contact they need and if they want wallpapers particularly. Share relevant content that some brands may not share.

Make sure that wallpapers show the proper values

Note that when your audience uses wallpapers on the smartphones, the rest will see them. Ensure that it shows positive reflection.

Tell your audience to share your wallpapers

You can share your wallpapers more by telling your audience to share the wallpapers themselves. This increases brand awareness and encourages measurement. You can use an application to share wallpapers. Applications like Canvas can be used to share wallpapers.

  • Go to Play Store to download the Canva app. It is available in Android and Apple.
  • Open that application and add the search bar for searching. Look for ‘Instagram Story’.
  • Tap on ‘blank’ template.

Tap and change the background, after which you edit various aspects, following clear instructions from Canva.

  • Once you finish your design, tap on the blue arrow, above the right and save that image. You can begin sharing after this. Using your wallpapers efficiently will enhance brand awareness among your audience.

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