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What is Graphic Design? Beginners Guide and why it is important?

by Dev Ju

Graphic design as we know it takes a huge part of our life today. Even some experts might say that it is one of the main forces in art that pushes the boundaries of creativity.

It is seen everywhere – in cars, in materials, technology, signs, packaging, marketing and advertising, even photography.

In this current article, we will break down to you what graphic design really is, its roots and why it is so important in the last two centuries.  Let’s start, shall we?

Graphic design is the continuous process of visual communication, as there can be used methods such as typography, photography, iconography, illustration and more to communicate with people through visual elements.

The people who are practising the jobs are called “graphic designers” and they can work both on hand or digitally to create magnificent original designs or replicate already launched ones.

Graphic designers, especially great ones, study multiple types of illustration and make sure they work “truly speaks” to the people. With imagery and visual representation, they can send different ideas, slogans and messages.

Creating visual compositions is not an easy task, it might seem like it is, but some graphic designers spend a big part of their lives mastering their craft to actually create something that the world has never seen before.

They are not only artists but innovators. This is a real fact when we are talking about the development of graphic design in the last 100 years.

The term “graphic design” was made up by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922, almost a century ago, but we know the craft has been with us for more than that.

In the past, people didn’t call it graphic design, but different eras it was explained as paintings, typography, drawings and symbols, some of which shape our reality still to this day.

One thing is for sure, graphic design has come a long way, these days we take it for granted. Famous logos, scripts, book designs are just a small portion of the whole world of graphic design.  Our society is lucky to live in the digital era where we can learn from our laptops and mobile devices and be graphic designers ourselves.

Not only we have the tools and technology, but huge amounts of data that gives the opportunity to grow, create and invent.

Graphic design and designers are extremely pivotal and the work only gets more interesting as technology develops. We, ourselves, can express our ideas as designers.

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